Saturday, September 4, 2010

the Blogging world...

So... the first time I have ever blogged.
A couple of reasons why I want to do this:

One, is just to keep everyone posted on what is going on. Even though I would love to talk to everyone everyday... it just dosent happen. And this will be much more personal than my facebook.

Second, You all know that I love to scrapbook... but I hardly ever have time too. Seems like there is always something a little more important. But I want to make it more of a priority. For one... I scrapbook so that I dont forget all of this stuff. I want to scrapbook so the children will have them. For themselves and for their children. I want them to have the scrapbooks in case something happens to me... so they can always look at the books and see the love and enjoyment that they have brought me. But when something happens... I cant sit down right then to scrapbook it. But I am hoping I can blog about it and then come back to it later. It seems as if Mackenzie has something new to tell me everyday... that Emma does or says something hilarious and that Andrew does something new everyday.

So... lets see how it goes!

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